Samantha van Londen


dieses profil liegt nicht deutschsprachig vor

Young and Energetic, just like MalieBaan 45

Whenever people ask me to explain what I do, I always summarize - ‘facility coordinator’. When I add to this: ‘of Maliebaan45’, it is immediately obvious that this is no ordinary job at any ordinary company. Because Maliebaan45 is special, it is a young and energetic company. We radiate that in our way of working- as I want to radiate that myself, every day. Our motto is: “Working at home, while being outdoor”s. This means: lots of care for service and hospitality.


In my role as facility coordinator, I am a hostess and at the same time the first person to talk to. I do my very best to let Maliebaan45 be a place where people like to come and stay. I take care of the facilitation policy and carrying out that policy. That means tuning in with the cleaners, students (who help us, whenever there are large groups to serve), caterers, security, gardeners, suppliers and maintenance staff.


There is also a lot of administrative work: entering purchase invoices, making sales invoices, debt control and keeping a cash book. I do all of that in a web based system.

I enjoy this very much; this is the kind of work I like doing. My qualities can flourish and further develop here. Not one day is the same as the next, so many things happen here.

Obviously, I don’t work alone. There are lots of people I work with: the entrepreneurs of Maliebaan45, the GO-team. The connection with the professionals and groups that come here is very pleasant- businesslike but still informal and personal. We also organize, together with others, special events.


I came here as a student in the work place. There was an instant click. I was able to take initiative and responsibility, in a role as equal, and received valuable feedback and appreciation. That’s the best condition to learn. This also counts now, in my independent job. Working here means learning. That is the way we shape Maliebaan45: working, learning.