Marieke Grondstra

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The impact of generations in organisations

As an organisation consultant, I focus on the dynamics within organisations. Whether it's between generations, within teams, around a change issue, or on an individual level.

Since the start of my career as an organisation consultant, I have become more and more intrigued by the way in which people work together, and in particular how generational differences contribute to the quality of that cooperation. I have done a lot of research into what gives work energy and costs to the different working generations. As that research progressed and the book Ygenwijs revealed itself, I started to focus more and more on the role of generations within organisations. The impact of generations in organizations is extremely large, it affects mobility, sustainable employability, absenteeism, knowledge transfer, innovation, and job satisfaction.

My other passion is organizational development: how do people grow and how do organizations grow with them? What can you do as an organisation to support your employees in their development process? And how can you, as an employee within an organisation, take the space to grow and move the organisation forward? These questions regularly form the guiding principle in the processes that I supervise.

You can always wake me up for:

  • Team coaching
  • Leadership development
  • Change issues
  • Questions about generational dynamics



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