Martine van Es

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Partnerships with Impact

Based in Rwanda


Cross-sector learning

In 2015 I joined Kessels & Smit, The Learning Company, as a consultant and a coach. Before I joined I have had several jobs as an interim-, project- and general manager for both commercial and development organizations. With a Master degree in both strategic business management and development studies, I am very interested in where the worlds of NGOs and business meet. There is so much potential to learn from each other. What if we install the sense of mission and social impact of NGOs at businesses? How can NGOs take on more business principles to become more effective? And how can we create powerful partnerships between NGOs and businesses to have a positive impact on society?


Partnerships with impact

For society’s bigger questions, individuals or individual organizations don’t have the capacity to address it by themselves. Collaboration and partnerships between organizations, both public, private and nongovernmental, is increasingly crucial to affectively impact issues like good governance and peace and conflict, but also climate change and others SDG’s.

Interorganizational collaboration requires however serious effort and expertise. It asks for a specific skillset to overcome conflicting interests, dealing with complexity and creating understanding. I'm committed to contribute to improve such collaboration by taking on a learning perspective, bring people together and facilitate the process. 


Conscious leadership

(Self) awareness is an important aspect to bring your leadership and impact to a higher level. Conscious leadership happens when awareness meets an inspiring purpose, a purpose beyond personal interest. Authenticity, to be who you are, to not be driven by reactions but by creation, is the focus to get there. And that is achieved through constant practice, reflection and transformation. Doing so in a group or team context supports a collective culture that is not burdened by conflict but energized by progress. 


(Interim) management

People know me for my result and action-oriented approach, and my organizational ability to get things done, whether it’s organizing a large scale event or managing the day-to-day activities of a project or program. 

Life is 10% what happens to you
and 90% how you react to it.
Charles Swindoll


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