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Remko van Oijen


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Using sharpness and lightness to discover which intervention is powerful

In my role as a consultant and coach (and besides: also in other situations) I am always fascinated on what grows and what gets lost in the interaction between people. That is the core of my job: get more growth and lose less. Don’t be lead by conventions and general agreements but make real contact, in teams and organizations, on what somebody stands for and what that person is capable of.  

Put me in front of a group and something happens – with the group AND with me. That “something” is the beginning of space, safety and sharpness. Discover together which interaction is powerful. Together we will create the desire for new cooperation. We make it personal. We will look for the connection between personal development and organizational development.   That works best, if I can apply my energy, my technique, my sense of humor and ability to observe, to the max. I also want to connect to what the group stands for. There is room for creativity but also for addressing. I can address people in a very sharp manner, but still keep their safety. This makes the process even more beautiful than you would predict. There is a planned design for the meeting, obviously, but the best interventions arise in the moment.  

My job as an interim manager, project leader and program director for the Government has left me with a fascination for leading and leadership. To me, it is sometimes inconceivable what leaders/managers expect from themselves and what the organizations expect from them. Especially when I see to what impersonal and inefficient interaction that sometimes leads. I am thrilled to see what happens when people dare to open up about their strength and incapability. They can achieve so much more than they would think possible. 

To me, the step from the Government to Kessels & Smit, means choosing for my talents. I don’t want to get better in it every once in a while, but excel in it; share my opinions with colleagues; contribute to make learning and development in organizations (more) attractive. I want to inspire, energize and generate desire.