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Innovation and sustainable development through entrepreneurship

By: IMG 0408 111959659067 Paul Keursten - ; Source: VITE Bulletin International, april 2007, p. 18-20   11-29-2007

In today’s global knowledge economy, knowledge is the primary source of innovation, sustainable value and wealth. The development and productive use of knowledge is becoming the key process of value creation for organisations as well as for societies. The autonomous professionals are becoming the driver of innovation and success. They will only play this role strongly, when they can act as entrepreneurs.

Loyalty obedience and compliance were core values in the industrial economy. In the knowledge economy, these values will lead to mediocre results. Passion, talent, creativity, freedom and responsibility are needed for excellence. In this article, Paul Keursten will elaborate why this kind of entrepreneurship is called for and will explore the consequences for individuals and organisations.