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Personal and Organisational Resilience

By: Andrea van der Merwe - ; Source: Presentation presented at conference titled "Addressing key challenges facing managers today"   11-24-2009

Personal and organisational resilience:  Principles for sustainable innovation

Innovation and creativity are key in the knowledge economy. Managers and their organisations need to be increasingly resilient and innovative. The world of work and business have changed irrevocably, and new strategies are needed to succeed in a context of complexity and hyper-change.  This presentation looks at principles that contribute to personal and organisational resilience within a frame of systems and complexity thinking. 


-         Systems and complexity thinking - how does it help us to understand ourselves and organisations? 

-         What is personal resilience and how does it help us to be more innovative in unpredictable environments? 

-         How can we design our organisation to be more resilient and innovative? 

-         What are the leadership strategies for sustainable innovation? 



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