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In this podcast consultants and organizational journalists Marijke Boessenkool, Mara Spruyt and Derk van der Pol inquire the topic of Generative Journalism. This term is coined by Peter Pula, founding father of Canadian news platform Axiom News.


"In our podcastseries we inquire this perspective on journalism and we discover how generative journalism can contribute to change, both in society and within organizations. From all over the world we interview persons who work with stories in society and organizations.


"If you don't understand the history, you can't cope with the future". In this episode we dive into the question how stories of the past matter in creating a desired future. We invited Peter Pula, and had a conversation with Griet Bouwen about the concept of story weaving: connecting different stories and voices. And we talk with Annet Scheringa about the art of 'Story Listening'. Furthermore, in sounds from the ground you'll meet Laura Schalkwijk. She tells about Story House Belvedere Rotterdam (het verhalenhuis) and what stories mean for an entire city. The city of Rotterdam.


All episodes of 'Journalism for Change: a podcast inquiry' on Generative Journalism are part of a collaboration between Kessels & Smit The Learning Company, Axiom News and AI Practitioner.