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Finding new space in challenging times

The measures taken to contain the COVID-19 pandemic are changing the way we work in a profound way. Some organisations have to reinvent their services and products in order to keep fulfilling their core purpose as a company or institution. Others are looking for new ways to work, lead and learn together long-distance. The crisis triggers reflections on how we want to work, live and do business in a way that is healthy and sustainable for people and planet. It is a time of worry, fear and confusion, and also of hope, creativity and new developments that people want to cherish.


Almost all of our clients find themselves faced with new challenges and questions. And like them, we are trying to find our place and role amidst these developments: how can we contribute and help find new answers? Like them we are learning and transforming on our way. On this page, we will share some stories and cases that we find inspiring and helpful - because they help us understand the new challenges and provide ideas. And because they show us how courage and creativity, long-term vision and practical common sense all help to create new possibilities.


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