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Interview with Martine van Es about consortia

Martine van Es has been a colleague of Kessels & Smit, The Learning Company, for many years. She now lives with her family in Kigali, Rwanda, for about a year and a half. Among other things, she works there with so-called Consortia. These are groups of organisations (mostly NGOs) that collaboratively work on specific themes. She’s conducted a research to the success factors of consortia and published about them on the Kessels & Smit website.


I visited her in februari 2024 to work with her and our colleagues Remko and Saskia on the leadership team of such a consortium. And also to interview her about her work.
In this conversation, I zoom in with her on what a consortium actually is… What makes the case for working together in a consortium? But I also discover that it is far from always wise to join such a consortium. Of course, we dwell on the success factors Martine describes in her research.


Read about the research of Martine on Consortia.


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