Joep Schuermans

We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.
- Albert Einstein

Creative Designer

Psychologist with philosophical traits. HR advisor and process facilitator with a preference for co-creation, creativity and appreciative inquiry.

Also father of three sons, husband of Alexandra, entrepreneur, outdoor sportsman and two-wheel fanatic.

I like to support organisations in the design, creation and roll out HR processes and in managing change. 

At clients this has been translated into the introduction of competence management, leadership programs and the shaping of talent oriented policies.

In recent years I have focused more and more on co-creating innovative solutions for classic HR problems with groups of people. In these projects, alternative ways of looking at competence management, talent management and performance management were co-created. Key words were shared responsibility, shared ownership and appreciative inquiry.

In addition, together with a few colleagues, I pioneered the field of well-being in organisations. Together we developed an integral model to look at well-being and health on an individual and organisational level


Leadership Development Track
It's Me
Talents In Action Workshop<br/>
Micro Learning Adventure
Sharing History - Co-creating The Future
Facilitating The Process
Working On Dialogue


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