Margriet Schut


Building on strength and passion


How do you live your life at the most, according to your possibilities and desires? How do you become aware of your talents and passion, recognize patterns and become free from blockages in order to use your talents in a balanced way in a work context?


As a coach and process counsellor I like to deepen essential questions that enrich your personal and professional life. I support individuals and teams to create movement and change with attention for everyone's strengths, patterns and stories. Together we explore beliefs, possibilities and directions that contribute to job satisfaction, cooperation in a team, to your ambition or desire.


I work from a talent oriented, appreciative and systemic perspective. From this focus I do interventions that deal with the dynamics of talents, personal history and the organization (task). 


Over the years I built on my professional coachingmethods and I developed new coaching approaches. Because of my experience and clear intuition I can quickly get at the essence of a question/theme which makes a profound transition possible.



As a facilitator of the 'Systemic Coaching with talent' learning trajectory of the FCE, I support (HR) advisors, coaches and managers in a systemic deepening of their own talent and that of others.






 It fascinates me to meet people in diversity and to learn from and with each other and to use everyone's wisdom. This is possible in work and during my long cycling trips: in 2019 I cycled through 4 countries in Southern Africa and had nice encounters along the way.

 With a Kenyan sociologist and entrepreneur I work in a community in Kenya on sustainable change and the realization of projects on health, education, irrigation and organic horticulture.


I notice how quiet nature is for me a place where I find peace and feel connected to everything. I see nature as a possible environment for my professional work as a coach. I like to walk with people or invite leaders/professionals on a personal journey. In the beautiful Spanish Pyrenees I accompany a retreat and nature quest.



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... Gerdine Smit


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