Mariël Rondeel


Connecting learning and working

In my work I often and preferably focus on designing effective learning processes in and around work, in which learning and working coincide. I facilitate learning interventions and design processes in health care, in production and service companies, in education and in government. I opt for a relational approach that connects people and makes the design process itself an important learning process for all involved.

I have a lot of experience in designing practice-relevant assessments and exams. Designing a curriculum for a vocational training or business school is also part of my expertise, as well as directing and facilitating development teams that have this as their task.

As a core facilitator in the course Advising and Designing for Learning in Organisations of the Foundation for Corporate Education, I support colleagues in their development in the field of learning, designing, changing and consulting. I am the author and editor of various publications on learning in organisations and I am a member of the editorial board of a magazine on Education & Healthcare.

Learning and technology

Technology offers many opportunities for learning. For a number of years I have been working on the question of how a designer can make use of the possibilities of online learning. And how you can support people to shape their own learning path with the help of (social) technology. Social media enable new forms of learning. What does this mean for the learning professional?

In order to develop myself further in this area, I followed a course at Ennuonline about learning and changing with social technology. In the course Advising and Designing for Learning in Organisations of the Foundation of Corporate Education, I experiment with colleagues with an online learning platform. I also do this in various other projects. I am part of the core team of the LOSmakers, a large network where professionals interested in learning and developing with social media find each other and experiment together.

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