Peter Beschuyt


About Peter

I am a designer through and through. And I am an educational expert: designing learning and organizing change is my profession. I like science, substantiation and reliability. I want to understand how it works and get started with it. Just give me an issue without the foregoing that requires new approaches: more effective, more efficient, more sustainable. Always with one goal in mind: finding the sweet spot between performance and human wellbeing.

With a holistic view I place everything in a broader perspective. This way I can see and feel the whole and what is needed. A design, process or vision is only good if it is ingenious: crystal clear, efficient, widely supported and futureproof. I prefer to work on tough issues, to which there is no ready-made answer:


How can we as a government achieve more results by focusing on talent?

What can your competence management look like in a rapidly changing organization?

How do we reduce the number of burn-outs and ensure that employees have more energy?

How can we organize sustainable employability and workable work?

How can we make our school / organization a place where it is healthy to live and work?


I am at my best in a long-term collaboration with an organization. I can rely on years of experience in education, government and organizations. As an eternal student I am never bored and I get better at what I do every day.


In between, I also support individually: as a (talent) coach, career counselor and cPNI therapist. Here too from an integral approach: always making the connection between the mind and the rest of the body. I do not only work with the head, but also with nutrition, exercise, biorhythm and physiological stress systems.


Together with Luk Dewulf I developed various toolboxes, an online tool and a book. Many schools, governments and organizations are working to discover, deploy and develop talent.

Current curiosity

"What does human flourishing mean?" The central question that has occupied me for decades and gives direction to my own (learning) path. "Human flourishing" is primarily approached from a relational-psychological point of view. I have established over the years and learned that, in addition to the mental and relational, also physical and spiritual dimensions play a role. Moreover, these domains interact and influence each other. That has aroused my curiosity and broadened my view.

That integral perspective is today the common thread in my own learning and in my work. The search for "human flourishing" then becomes a lot more tangible:


How can we support people to perform optimally in a sustainable way?

How do we connect performance with health and well-being?

What does an organization or a school that realizes that look like?

What kind of leadership is needed for that?

What becomes possible if everyone can flourish?


Energy management is perhaps a good term for the future: “ensuring that people in all areas of their lives (at work and beyond) and all areas of their 'being' (mental, physical, relational and spiritual) have sufficient energy to do what they have to do”.


In recent years I have been working with many colleagues in organizations on well-being and health. Under the name KOPMAN we support them to become healthy places for flourishing people. We also work intensively with professionals from other disciplines to help organizations implement a sustainable policy on well-being at work.


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