Sabine Cappaert


Administrative centipede and creative supporter

From my education and years of experience, I have become the administrative jack-of-all-trades I am today.  I support the consultants in Belgium with all kinds of administrative and project-related tasks: organisation of meetings, support of planning, coordination of the career centre, reception and customer contacts....  In my role of contributing to quality advisory work, I am very happy to do so.


The variety and diversity of the tasks keep me sharp and teach me things over and over again.


In addition, I am bitten by photography. After many years of training in evening classes, I was able to get to know the technical side of the craft as well as the creative part: substantive form of image expression.  I like to carry out assignments in this area from time to time.  


The combination of the administration that is bound to rules, legislation, order, structure, procedures,... and the photography in which I can carry out my own vision and ideas, provides me with a perfect balance.


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