Sandra Ringeling


Ownership as the key to sustainable change

I love things to get moving and support people, teams and organisations in making their wishes come through. By paying attention to their craftsmanship and ambition and letting them discover how you can achieve better results with more pleasure. After all, if you appreciate everyone's contribution and give them room to act on it, they will automatically become involved and achieve better results. That is what drives me in my work.

The recipe for securing ownership is to invite people to participate and to take responsibility for their role. I am good at applying focus and structure and determining an approach that provides tangible improvement by means of small, practical steps. I like to connect people, give them ideas, seduce them to step in and give them a push where necessary.

As an advisor and manager, I have experienced all sides of the playing field in organisations myself. I bring that experience to projects. From my background as a historian I have learned that there are always multiple perspectives and that it is important to have an eye for the genesis of questions. As an educationalist, I know that real change only takes place through behavioural change. And as a change expert, I notice that the removal of - sometimes unintentional - obstacles in the work context can be an enormous help.

I prefer to work with 'the whole system in the room': hearing all the voices. I like to work with a concrete question in a concrete environment. Preferably one where the solution is not immediately given and there is room to explore, experiment and thus: learn together. I like variety and new perspectives.

Just give me questions about (team) cooperation, sustainable employability and knowledge sharing.

 "Would you like to think along with me about how we can " .....

  • increasing the number of ideas from the shop floor, ensuring that people take more initiative themselves
  • increasing the vitality and innovative power of our people, ensuring more knowledge sharing
  • optimise the chain, reduce the number of meetings and work with fewer forms
  • increase customer satisfaction, reduce the number of complaints, increase the throughput rate

This inspires me

Alone you go faster, together you come further


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