Serena Scholte


Nature as a source of knowledge and inspiration

Innovation and creativity are words that fit me. I like to work with professionals who feel challenged by complex tasks. Tasks that are purposeful; that contribute to the bigger whole while at the same time allowing us to achieve small and concrete successes together - with a lot of fun. For me, nature is an infinite source of knowledge and inspiration for designing solutions to complex issues. 


In 2019 it's all about creating infinite prosperity in a world where everything is finite. Collectively, we are faced with the challenge of redesigning and rethinking our institutions and the way we work on the basis of this reality. What it requires of us is not only a systemic approach, but rather an ecosystem approach in which the environment and our planet are given a major role. Transforming to this new paradigm and perspective at once is impossible; we can only travel (and shape) the road step by step. 


This development presents several fundamental questions to organisations: What form of leadership is appropriate? What role do we have as an organisation? Do we build networks with startups or do we innovate in-house? How do we make a big impact with small steps? What can we learn from nature and how it is organised? 


Interventions that I like to work with are, for example, leadership trajectories in which I set the course together with (a number of) participants. I bring together startups and grownups by means of expeditions or meet and greets. And I also like to organise Biomimicry Hackathons for the design of groundbreaking solutions for complex tasks. 


"What happens when a group of diverse people joins in the design process to solve an urgent social issue is magical.
Not because of the input of each individual, but because of the unique framework that they can create through their diversity in background, age and gender."


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