Suzanne van Duin


The winds of change

My passion and interest lie in working on challenges related to organizational change. After 15 years of working in international companies as an HR Manager, I currently apply my experience and knowledge at various clients.


Change impacts all layers of an organization. And unfortunately we cannot stick our head in the sand and hope it goes away. If something significant changes, you have to find your answer to deal with the change. In my experience having a clear goal or direction is extremely important. In times of uncertainty, lack of structure or even chaos, a clear goal helps you endure uncertainty and remain focused. You don't deal with change alone, you do it together with others. That means that sometimes you have to bridge different perspectives, insights and interests. That is where I come in. I build on the strengths of individuals and the team, and from a business point of view support actions to get the team from A to B, achieving results and seizing opportunities.

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