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The impact of a leadership program

By: Suzanne Verdonschot web 111976674546 Suzanne Verdonschot, Kirste den Hollander - ; Source: Kessels & Smit, The Learning Company   11-28-2017

This article is about a leadership program that supports managers in a large international retail organization in their development. In 2011, Kessels & Smit, The Learning Company was invited to redesign the program. During the past years the program received a lot of positive feedback from participants, stakeholders and supporters. However, we didn’t have a complete image of the realized impact.


The present study assesses the impact of the program in the daily work of the participants. The majority of the participants (88%) achieved a lot of impact with the leadership program. These participants indicated that they learned something new, applied this in their daytoday work which has led to some worthwhile results for the business. The impact was mainly realized as participants were challenged to reflect on their own thinking and acting and to experiment with new ways of thinking and acting. This led to sustainable new ways of working.


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