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Together in the clay...

I prefer to be involved in changes in practice. Not only do I think along with you, I think along too. My motto is 'Together in the clay': bringing in new perspectives while doing so and working together with the people who have to realize a change.
In these 'change practices in action' I play different roles, depending on what is needed and what is needed at different times. Alternately, I am (co)designer of a change process, coach, supervisor or trainer. Using three exemplary examples, I illustrate my way of working.


In a large government organisation, a group of employees is transferred to another unit. The intention is that employees will work there in a faster and more efficient way. Everyone's role changes, including that of the managers who have to supervise the introduction of the new way of working. As a supporter of change, I am a co-designer in this situation. Together we design step 1 of the change process in which I bring in change management questions. Questions like: why (reason), what (purpose), is this process necessary, what needs to be done (content), how are we going to do this and who are involved? This is how we work on a common story and target image. Only when there is, step 2 follows in which I give suggestions to arrive at answers to these questions; from my change management expertise I often see that process clearly for me. On the basis of my suggestions and the joint images we design further together.

Change coach

The second example takes place in a factory. The director is responsible for implementing changes aimed at increasing efficiency. Here I choose, in consultation with him, the role of personal coach and supervisor. Together with him, I investigate what type of change agent he is and what type he wants to be. For example, by asking questions such as: who am I as a person? What are the views on change? (I am an expert on that question). Which repertoire is there, what suits me best and offers me the best chance of success?


As a co-initiator and designer of the course Change Practice, I like to work with practical questions from participants, such as: How do I get self-determination in my organisation to really work? In this course I am the personal supervisor of participants and facilitator of the group process. Participants often produce stories about what is going on in their organisation. It is possible that patterns in that issue are repeated in the way the participant presents and reacts in the here and now. I make these types of patterns discussable, which creates opportunities to do things differently in practice.

So I am not the one who thinks up or 'rolls out' the change in organisations. My strength and effectiveness lies in the personal guidance of the people who have to realize the change - always from a change perspective and at the service of those who have to do the job. In addition to my work as an advisor, I am also a teacher in the course Change Management and Organizational Development.

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