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Trends From Over The World: An Interview With John Sanei

By: 2023 Pieterjan small 111834906645 Pieterjan van Wijngaarden - 06-22-2015

In this episode of ‘Do I Have A Choice’ (a series of podcasts about entrepreneurship, leadership, reflection and technology) John Sanei, CEO of the South African organization The Future Collective, tells about Connectivity and Reverse-innovation. Sani: "The world according to us is split up in three major markets: a mature market, like Holland, an emerging market, like Dubai and then you have the less affluent market, which are the poorer markets. You need to understand on which market you’re aiming at, and then you look at the mega, macro and micro trends inside those markets.”

The Future Collective recently published three video’s about trends on YouTube. One of the movies was taped in Langa, a township in Capetown. Sanei reflects on two very interesting developments, that we can learn from the people from Langa: Connectivity and Reverse-innovation. What can we, entrepreneurs in the West of Europe, learn from those trends? Sani: "The storytelling phenomenon has been something that Africans have done extremely well. And that’s how they send their wisdom across generations. What happens now is that the process of storytelling has moved on to airtime and to telephones. The platform of storytelling has changed.” For more inspiration listen tot the fifth episode of Do I Have A Choice.


Luistertijd: 12.35 minutes