International Conference on a Knowledge Based Economy

Joseph Kessels has been invited by the Kigali Institute of Management and the National Development Board of Rwanda to address the 1st International Conference on a Knowledge Based Economy.


Economic experts from Rwanda, UK, Tanzania and the Netherlands will hold a two day forum in Kigali starting, September 1. The 1st International Conference on a Knowledge –Based Economy that will draw economic experts from universities of the four countries, will be held under the theme: “Developing Human Resource for the Knowledge –Based



In an interview with The New Times , Kigali Institute of Management’s Rector Prof. Benjamin Akinyemi said: “To transform Rwanda into a Knowledge-based society demands a strategic development, optimization, and utilization of human capital. When I came to Rwanda in January, I learnt that one of the main pillars of Rwanda’s vision 2020 is skilled human capital and it is needed to develop the country”. Read more in the attached New Times article or on the conference website.