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London Calling: Andres Roberts joins K&S

It’s official - Kessels & Smit UK is open for business!  I am delighted to have joined the company and to be extending the K&S network into the UK. As we make the big announcement, two questions rise to the fore. ‘How did we get here?’ and ‘Where are we going?’



The short story is that I was already running a niche consultancy in London. I have always been interested creating great experiences and how art, games, festivals and other creative experiences transport us into new ways of thinking, connecting and doing. On this basis I have done all kinds of things from build spaceships for children to learn about diversity to produce change ‘festivals’ to help international organisations connect, learn and adapt in more powerful  ways. When I found common interests, shared values and an opportunity to grow personally and as a business, the move to join Kessels & Smit felt just right.



Of course, the decision to step in took longer than this sounds -  and a number of other aspects made the move all the more compelling. A first aspect is the company’s approach to supporting people and organisations from a deeper and more meaningful point, based on the connections that we make as humans. Kessels & Smit truly works at a richer level here, making more things possible for the company and for clients.


Learning by experience

A second aspect is the focus on experience – learning by living, breathing, sensing and doing. It is inspiring that as a company we bring such a wealth of understanding in this area, and the creativity and ability to produce experiences that make the theory real.


An open way of working

Then there is how the company works: uniquely open, fluid and supportive. Kessels & Smit does not have departments or job descriptions. The approach is appreciative about what is possible rather than what is not. There are seemingly no boundaries if the energy and passion to do something exists. The group is constantly exploring and developing as a living, growing system. For me this sets a precedent for a new kind of organisation for the future and it is a pleasure to be a part of it.
These are the things that lay deeply in my decision to join the company. But what of the plans ahead?

Ideas for the future!

Firstly, the aim is to continuously develop great work, building on my previous approaches here in the UK and now with a larger platform across the company.

Secondly, the vision is to grow a brilliant community of colleagues here in the UK – a group with vision, talent, ideas and expertise – building a local office to be proud of while adding a different kind of sparkle to the wider Kessels & Smit mix.

Thirdly, I have a real energy to help develop the international aspect of the company, helping us to grow as a smart, nimble and highly impactful partner to international organisations and communities (and tackling big social issues in the world.) 

Looking at this point between ‘How did we get here?’ and ‘Where are we going?’ we have a wonderful platform and lots of passion to do great things. All good reason to look forward to fantastic things ahead!