2 Jun

Leadership workshop in Kigali (Rwanda)

Understanding and influencing dynamics in teams and organisations - A systemic perspective



In a leadership role, you deal with teams and groups of people and you need them to collaborate in a productive way. While this is important and can be fun, it is not always easy. Collaboration may become subject to tension, counter-productive patterns, ambiguity, stagnation, insecurity or even straight up conflict.


In this workshop you will learn about the systemic perspective and how it can help in understanding such dynamics in teams and organizations and will broaden your repertoire in dealing with them.


The systemic perspective

The systemic perspective on organizations mainly looks at underlying patterns of behavior and collaboration. It aims to understand the forces and (often implicit) rules in a team or organization, which promote or hinder successful collaboration, change or team effectiveness. It provides a way to get a better grip on dynamics that are difficult to measure, but have a lot of impact in practice. The perspective also gives ideas about how to intervene to increase and improve flow and collaboration.


For who

This workshop is for leaders and managers, but also advisors and coaches who deal with questions around collaboration on a regular basis and are curious to learn more about the systemic perspective as a way to come up with interventions.


This workshop is useful especially for leaders who experience some sort of stagnation or conflict in collaboration in their team or network. The workshop however also gives plenty of insights for those who don’t experience difficulties but want to learn how to prevent difficulties from happening.


The workshop

The workshop will have a practical approach, so apart from taking time to discuss the model and theory, we will take quite some time to apply it to practice and discuss questions and real cases. You are expected to bring a case of your own, in which collaboration is challenged or for which you like to understand the dynamics better. During the workshop, you will have the chance to work on analyzing your case, exchange with other leaders, and design interventions and actions focused on your situation.



By the end of the workshop you will:

  • have a basic understanding on what the systemic perspective is and how to use it in analyzing collaboration and team dynamics;
  • have applied the principles on a case of your own, have evaluated what your own role is in this situation, and have concrete ideas for interventions and actions to address the dynamics in the case;
  • have exchanged with other leaders and learnt from their work life, challenges and solutions.



  • The workshop is held on Friday 2 June from 9:00-12:30h.
  • The location will be central in Kigali and will be confirmed later.
  • The cost to participate is RWF 55.000 excl VAT.


Register or questions?

If you want to register or if you have questions, contact Martine van Es, mvanes@kessels-smit.com.

martine workshop 111848218966

The facilitator

After several years of management and leadership experience in both for-profit and non-profit contexts, Martine van Es joined K&S The Learning Company in 2015. Since then she has worked as consultant, facilitator and trainer with dozens of managers and teams on a wide range of organizational change and leadership development questions.


She is driven to integrate personal and organizational learning processes, and brings in an appreciative perspective. She combines her aim to utilize people's talents and passion with an action- and result-oriented approach.