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AI Practitioner Journal about Generative Journalism

The latest issue of Appreciative Inquiry Practitioner Journal is all about Generative Journalism. It explores the nature of Generative Journalism and how it can contribute to change.


Our colleagues Marijke Boessenkool, Derk van der Pol and Mara Spruyt, who themselves are consultants and organisational journalists, interviewed various fellow practitioners who - each in their own unique way - practice Generative Journalism. These conversations were a generative inquiry in themselves: Marijke, Derk and Mara followed their own curiosity on how stories and journalism may contribute to bring about change and growth. Together with seasoned journalist and AI practitioner Peter Pula, who coined the term 'generative journalism', they compiled their insights into five podcast episodes.


Topics they cover during their journey include the importance of being present when interviewing and working with stories, ways to harvest a story and how to work with 'past' and 'future' in a meaningful way. Along the way, they reflect on what the insights from the conversations mean for their own working practice. As a listener, you are invited to reflect on those questions yourself. How can you, as a facilitator, process consultant or coach, work with stories in such a way that they fuel change? Be it a small change, in yourself or in someone else, but also larger, more social changes?


Every podcast episode was turned into an an article with references to the practitioners who were interviewed.