Koen Weber: looking for a connection, creating space, reflecting

Koen Weber works as an advisor for Kessels & Smit since september. "When I am involved in issues on learning and changing in organizations, the most important thing I do is: looking for a connection, creating space, reflecting and if needed confronting. I offer the teams I work with, different pairs of glasses, in a way that complex change processes can be looked at in different ways."

"In change processes, there is often no space for the input of new ideas, discomfort and experiences. Where there is a lack of safety, learning processes will be blocked. I choose for the approach where people can safely speak their mind and respond to each other. Than movement arises, patterns appear and themes come up and that creates a feeling of responsibility for the change process with the people involved. When a team is able to give meaning to the change process together, movement and energy for joint actions arises."


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