Leadership Program in Bhutan

In today’s ever-changing and fast-paced environment, leaders are confronted with many economic, ecological, societal and technological complexities. Leaders play a pivotal role to transform these complexities in creating value for their organizations and society.

Through their research colleague Muriel Arts and Sander Tideman have developed a methodology for leaders to accomplish this transformation. This starts with awareness: self-awareness and awareness of the context you are living and working in. By developing these inner and outer levels of awareness, you can discover the ‘shared purpose’ between you, your organization and society.

In this Triple Value Leadership program, executive leaders will explore these levels of awareness and discover how they can start transforming their business challenges into opportunities that impact society positively whilst developing new markets for your company. They will learn about alternative ways of thinking, such as Bhutan’s Gross National Happiness, engage with government and business leaders in Bhutan, translate their learnings into a plan of action and become part of an active community of fellow leaders.


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