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Special issue ‘Appreciative Inquiry for life: working with nature in a time of ecological crisis’ guest edited by Joeri Kabalt

What if we choose even more radically to place all of life – including the more-than- human world – at the centre of everything we do? What might it look like if we made more space for non-human voices? How can we work more explicitly with and in nature? How do we broaden our perspective from human flourishing to a thriving planet?


These are the central questions of the special issue of the International Journal for Appreciative Inquiry (AIP) that was guest edited by our K&S colleague Joeri Kabalt. In this extra-long issue fifteen articles each explore in different ways what our responsibility as AI and OD practitioners could and should be in light of the ecological, biodiversity and climate crises in a mixture of theoretical articles and practice stories.


You can download the introduction written by Joeri Kabalt here for free.

You can purchase the full issue here.