unexpected benefits

The unexpected benefits of exploring wonder in a less than wonderful world

K&S colleague Joeri Kabalt is a guest in the online series ‘phenomenal conversations’ hosted by Dave Pendle on the 1st of November from 19.00 – 21.00 hrs.


She will share her insights from her doctoral research on wonder that she came to think of as ‘seeing the extraordinary within the ordinary’. A way of seeing she practiced for years during a daily morning walk. Describing this process as foraging for beauty while nurturing her soul, her research radically transformed her life. In this co-created exploration we will touch upon core dimensions and dynamics of wonder, wonder as magic, as well as wonder as a wound. Additionally there will be an opportunity during this session to explore the phenomena of wonder and share with each other how we might experience more wonder on a daily basis.


The purpose of Phenomenal Conversations is to stimulate, activate and inspire non-ordinary public exchanges that free heart, mind and soul from the burdens and concerns of a world in crisis.


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