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Webinar: Generative Organizational Journalism

Are you curious to learn more about how to make personal stories and interviews with people in your organization come to life, and use them to fuel meaningful change? On December 8th and December 10th, Mara Spruyt, Marijke Boessenkool and Derk van der Pol will host a webinar on organizational journalism, or 'generative journalism', together with Peter Pula of Axiom News.


The webinar builds on the podcasts series and the accompanying AI practitioner issue they published last September. And it is an introduction to a further exploration on Generative Journalism, that Mara, Marijke, Derk and Peter are planning for January 2021


The webinar’s theme is: 

What if Generative Journalism Ignited the Gifts and Possibilities in Your Organization?


You can read more and sign up by clicking the link below. Please pick the date that suits you best.


December 8, 16:00 uur / 4:00 GMT+1

hosted by AI Practitioner & David L. Cooperrider Centre for Appreciative Inquiry 


December 10, 16:00 uur / 4:00 GMT+1

hosted by Axiom News


Curious to learn more on the topic?

  • More on the webinar and a brief introduction on generative journalism can be found on the latest Axiom News blog
  • Or listen to the podcast series on Soundcloud!
  • The AI Practitioner special issue on Generative Journalism can be found here.


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