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AI Practitioner: The Open Issue May 2021

By: luc 111968831427 Luc Verheijen, saskia tjepkema copy1 111990526368 Saskia Tjepkema - ; Source: AI Practitioner   05-12-2021

The May issue of AI Practitioner, The International Journal of Appreciative Inquiry, is out. It is an 'open issue' and it reflects how our field of practice and theory is continuously growing and bringing forth new stories.


The goal of AI Practitioner has always been and will continue to be to support and reflect the diversity of voices in the AI community: thought-leaders, experienced authors, young authors, new authors and students, those whose first language is not English and, increasingly, those who want and need to have AI resources in their own language, as well as those who are more comfortable in the new range of media that did not exist when AI Practitioner began.


A year ago, the co-publishers experimented with a new approach: what if, instead of setting a topic for an issue we just asked contributors to write about whatever was currently pressing for them, what interested them the most right now? We had a good response, so we decided to do so again. This year we had even more responses from those who’ve written for AIP before, and from quite a few who haven’t. The range in includes an article on the evolution of Appreciative Coaching, a poem, an article on how untranslatable words can provide thoughtful encounters for practitioners, what appreciative AI online teaching looks like, how AI has been used to support small businesses in Vermont in the US during the Covid-19 pandemic, how AI can be combined with action learning, using AI in the prison system for whole-system communication...the list is as creative as our contributors.


Preview AI Practitioner The Open Issue (pdf)

AI Practitioner The Open Issue


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