Saskia Tjepkema

The future is not some place we are going, but one we are creating. The paths are not to be found, but made. And the activity of making them changes both the maker and the destination.
John Schaar

Energy and movement

An organisation can be run in roughly two ways. The first is what we usually refer to as management: setting goals, designing procedures, dividing tasks and monitoring and following up. Another option is to look at what is already there, mobilise energy and take steps together, as a collective. Traditionally, organisations are set up for the former, while we increasingly also want to work like the latter. As a matter of choice - "this is how we want to work together" - but often also because the complexity of organisational challenges makes it simply impossible to deal with them only in a systematic, planned way.


This requires both autonomy and connectedness. It takes people who are focused on realising what is important to them - we know that this brings fulfilment and increases self-confidence. But autonomy and self-direction needs connectedness. Working in, and as, an organisation is about realising things together. As a group. I like the idea of 'organising' instead of organisation. A process of identifying ambitions and values, entering into a dialogue, mapping out talents and strengths, setting out a course, experimenting and reflecting. Organic, but managed. In fact, leadership and direction are crucial in organising... But rather with a powerful question than with 'directions'.

I am involved in very diverse projects: team and individual coaching, MD trajectory, organisation development, action research... In one way or another, they are always about learning. But also about innovation and change. And, above all, the question: how do we (re)release the creative energy of our team? Questions like: 'We have an ambition and direction: how do we get going?' Or: 'our collaboration has become bogged down by a conflict, by a focus on themes that no longer bring us further, by routines that don't work anymore... how do we get it moving again?' I like to explore together with those involved: what is going on here? And: where do we want to go?

I prefer to combine the support for development at team or group level with support at organisation level. What patterns do we encounter throughout the organisation? My experience of building Kessels & Smit is a useful background and source of inspiration. 


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