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Interim Management und Beratung

Sometimes it is effective to realize a renewal from the inside. That is why we are not only active as external consultants and coaches, but also as interim managers and internal advisors. We provide tailor-made solutions to leadership and consultancy issues in which learning, growth and change are central. By working closely together, we help to take a step forward and encourage a team's or organisation's capacity for change. 


Think, for example, of issues such as..:


Reorganization: Sometimes, a familiar structure is no longer fit for the future - circumstances call for different forms of organisation. A K&S interim manager can develop new organisational forms in a co-creative way. Laying new foundations for the future, based on a thorough analysis of the existing situation. 


Development: Taking a step forward with your team or department may (temporarily) require a different style of leadership. For example, you want your HRD department to move from 'reactive' to 'proactive', or you want to develop an entrepreneurial culture in an internally focused team, or....  K&S interim managers can help set such a transition in motion. By connecting the desired vision of the future with people's own ambitions and talents. And by developing concrete new approaches and practices, creating a noticeable and tangible effect. 


Strengthening connectivity: In times of restructuring, high work pressure or labour market scarcity, you may find yourself dealing with the departure of people you actually would rather keep on. It takes strong leaders to keep the high potentials on board and attract new ones. And to strengthen the interconnectedness in organisations. A K&S interim manager investigates what fascinates and energises employees. And finds out how to respond to that - for example, by empowering individuals; by building strong relationships, in which colleagues tap into each other's strengths; or by adapting HR practices such as performance appraisals and division of tasks. So that the organisation is and remains attractive for passionate and talented people.


Productivity and performance: A team's productivity is strongly determined by (inter)human factors. Especially in production environments, these are sometimes overlooked. But also in other settings they may, for whatever reason, get into the background. As a result, things also get stuck at the work floor, with results lagging behind and the atmosphere becoming more negative. A K&S interim manager brings the human factor (back) to the fore, investigates what moves people, what is already going well instead of what is a problem. In doing so, he or she helps a team to become productive again. Step by step. From the inside.


During and after a merger each employee becomes part of a new collective whole. It can be a challenge to bring together different organizational cultures and to make differences manageable. A K&S interim manager makes these challenging processes transparent and manageable by paying attention to the change process. For example, by bringing people into conversations on what connects them and by developing new visions of the future. This will create a new common basis.

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