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Webinar 'Appreciative Inquiry as Daily Leadership Practice'

On April 30th the Taos Institute will organise a webinar 'Dialogue with the Authors - Appreciative Inquiry as Daily Leadership Practice' at 10:00-11.30 AM New York Time (4:00-5:30 PM Amsterdam Time).


During the webinar, the authors Saskia Tjepkema, Luc Verheijen and Joeri Kabalt will share some of their favorite stories and anecdotes from the book Appreciative Inquiry as a Daily Leadership Practice. The ones that they enjoyed most, or that they learned the most from when writing. They will also share some of the experiences that shaped their understanding of Appreciative Inquiry and the way in which they practice it. As such, the webinar will give a personal perspective on both AI and the book from the viewpoint of the authors. This will serve as an invitation for participants to join in the conversation and reflect on the same questions for themselves.


About the book

In their book the authors explore how we can make choices in how we enter our everyday relationships that lead to more connected, more rewarding collaborations whether they are linked to a specific change process, or to everyday working life. The book, a collection of shorter chapters, is filled with stories and helpful principles or models, both from people who have been interviewed, as examples from the authors’ experiences. These illustrate how, especially with small gestures, we can take our part in establishing generative connections. All these stories show that the ‘leadership’ in the books’ title not only refers to those in a formal leadership position, but invites all of us to contemplate on how we can be leaders that help realizing change in our contexts, one conversation at a time.


Update May 1st

The webinar has been delivered - for an international audience of 85+ professionals. For those who are interested, TAOS offers the sheets, handouts and a recording on its ning platform: https://taoslearning.ning.com/conversations/april-30-2020-appreciative-inquiry-as-daily-leadership-practice (registration required).


For those who are interested: Luc, Saskia & Joeri will host a second webinar later in May for another institution. Please feel free to send an email if you would like to be updated on that.