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Organisational journalism

In search of all stories

For us, organisational journalism stands for an approach in which we bring the various images that exist around a particular issue or development closer together. Because sustainable change will only emerge if all stories and realities are known and shared.


It is journalism, in the sense that it is about asking questions, interviewing, investigating and following curiosity. In the specific context of organisations. Organisational journalism is about catching, gathering and shaping stories. About a director's vision of her department; the direction a team wants to go or everyone's view of newly formulated core values.


Organisational journalism is at the interface of change and corporate communication. Basically, we investigate and analyse individual stories, in order to clarify the implicit, collective, organisational story. We are particularly interested in those stories that reinforce or bring about change. 


We always look for creative and appropriate ways in which to share the stories we captured, so that we can connect the different perspectives of those involved. A magazine, a newspaper, a film, a podcast or an exhibition of stories; the form may vary. As far as we're concerned, that's what makes corporate journalism fun and rich!

Mara Spruyt
Marijke Boessenkool
Derk van der Pol
Hanneke Queens

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